Girlfriend Revenge Lesbians Sextape

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These two girlfriends like two things for sure and that’s pussy and bongs! LOL We had a submission sent into GF Revenge from some old boyfriend that found the pictures of a lesbian gf he knew in college. Somehow and some way he was able to get the girls completely naked and smoking and licking each others pussies! He wrote us a note how he totally forgot he had the pictures and immediately attempted to cash in on the whole ordeal with us. We were very happy he did too! Hahaha

Sorority Girlfriends in Naked Pictures

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These sorority girls were all getting crazy one day taking pictures of themselves naked. One of the boyfriends found the pictures and when they broke up he submitted them to GF Revenge. The girls were doing crazy things and having dorm sex with each other. It was really fucking crazy! In college most of the girls want to experiment and get crazy and they do it all the time! I love these slut girlfriends and their crazy acts!