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We have this sexy girlfriend here to share with you today. She is a special GF with lots of skills. She especially has wonderful dick sucking skills. Take it from us here at GF Revenge because we have seen her sucking her boyfriend off. Her boyfriend submitted a ton of pictures of her sucking dick because she cheated on him. She loves taking cumshots to the face too. When a girl is willing to let you take pics of her sucking your dick then you need to take her up on that offer! I can’t get enough of the vast amaount of gf pictures and revenge videos at gfrevenge and badgf!

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What’s up folks! We got another GF Revenge hottie here for ya today and I gotta say I certainly do love the angry girls like this one! Hahah We got a bunch of pictures of this hot brunette cheating gf getting naked and even getting fucked by her exboyfriend. He sent the pictures in to us because she cheated on him and lied one too many times! LOL We love cheating and lying chicks. It makes us want to cum all over their faces GF Revenge style!

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What’s better than one amateur girlfriend? Well, two amateur girlfriends and tight pussy pictures! These girls were hanging out at a college party and one of the guys busted in the bathroom and started snapping pictures of the girls. It was fucking awesome. I actually think one of these girls was in one of the dare dorm free videos that I saw the other day.  Put it this way, if you like the girlfriend revenge pictures and videos then you will love to see these two college babes going at it for sure!

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This brunette teen has some seriously sexy pictures that she took of herself. She sent them to her exboyfriend who in revenge sent them over to us! Her ass is bangin’ and the mirrorshots here get even more intimate when she shows off her big tits and tight teen pussy. She even sent some crazy pictures to him of her playing with her pussy. GF Revenge is so damn sweet sometimes. you gotta love the fact that there are bad girlfriends in this world!

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We have some more naked pictures of the sexy Bad Girls Club Erica Langston for you! She is one super hot bad girl. More and more pictures keep popping up of her and we are so fucking happy that they are! The BadGirlsClub Erica loves wearing thongs and taking mirror shots of her perfect body. Their is even a threesome sex tape coming out soon about her!  You will love this girlfriend revenge and her naked pictures and video. I love seeing Erica Langston naked pics!

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We love amateur pussy! We especially love those tight pussy close up shots that were sent to us in spite of the cheating some of these girls do. These pictures were sent in to us by a disgruntled exboyfriend that wanted to really give his gf revenge that she would never forget. He snapped the pics when she was getting out of the shower and he even got some great closeups of her tight booty too! Girlfriends that take naked pictures are my favorite! LOL

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These two girlfriends like two things for sure and that’s pussy and bongs! LOL We had a submission sent into GF Revenge from some old boyfriend that found the pictures of a lesbian gf he knew in college. Somehow and some way he was able to get the girls completely naked and smoking and licking each others pussies! He wrote us a note how he totally forgot he had the pictures and immediately attempted to cash in on the whole ordeal with us. We were very happy he did too! Hahaha

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