GF Revenge Hayley

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Hayley was a nasty girlfriend that we shared with you all on GF Revenge. By popular demand we have brought her to you from the Bad GF blog to share with you all. Hayley got a bit drunk on night and decided to fuck her boyfriend on video in the street. We captured ever single moment of her precious ass and I know you will be very appreciative I’m sure! This one is for all the cheaters! See more of GF Revenge Hayley today!

Girlfriend Tanya Getting Fucked in Revenge Movie

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Tanya was a sexy girlfriend that loved to get fucked by her bf everyday she could. This nasty gf revenge video was submitted by her man when he caught her having sex with another guy. She has a tight pussy and loves deepthroating a hard cock. Tanya will certainly think twice before having sex with a random dick next time or she’ll probably just be a slut for the rest of her life. At this point who cares…we have the sex tape already to prove it! LMAO!

Lesbian GF Revenge Video

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We have two sexy lesbian girlfriends in a pretty incredible video. These girls are on video touching each other and licking each others pussy. There real is nothing better than a bad girlfriend that licks clits! Long story short we got are hands on this video that was submitted by one of the gf revenge members. We paid him some cash for the clip and praised him as well. The girls are now out in the open and exposed. Hahaha I love hot girlfriends!

In Shape GF Shower Revenge Pics

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This gfrevenge update is absolutely stunning with a perfect pussy shot to my liking! LOL, a blonde fitness babe with the best body I’ve seen all week is shown here taking a shower. Her exboyfriend sent the pictures to gf revenge to get her back for cheating. I don’t blame him for sending this bad girlfriends images in anyway. I’d love to fuck this tight fit pussy any day of the week!

Busty Girlfriend Revenge Pictures

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I love a nice hot blonde girlfriend with amazing tits! There really is nothing better than a hot blonde busty girlfriend in naked pictures. This cheating gf is now exposed for everyone to see! See actually took a bunch of pictures and her ex boyfriend submitted them to us in order to get his girlfriend revenge and we even paid him for this! She has about 150 photos and even upclose pussy shots. I fucking love getting revenge on these girls!

Girlfriend Fucked In Public in Revenge Tape

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This girlfriend revenge video is fucking amazing. It was submitted to us by some guy who found out his girlfriend was cheating. She is what I like to call a flasher and public sex lover. The girl got busted flashing her tits at the bank. She was also caught fucking her boyfriend on the side of the road in his car. Good think he had a fucking camera with him! LOL GFRevenge is so damn sweet and next time she won’t cheat like most of the bitches out there! Hahaha

BJ Pictures of GF Revenge Blonde Babe

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Do you like getting blowjobs? Me too, most guys do too. This guy got the blowjob of a lifetime from his former girlfriend. She was such a great dick sucker its unreal. During his birthday she let him record a video of her giving him a bj. Well, she cheated on him and he wanted to get gf revenge on her. The blowjob and dick sucking skills that she has will now be shared with everyone on the internet! This is fucking amazing and I love girlfriend blowjobs!

GF Revenge Pics Leaked

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Who likes girlfriend revenge pics? Well this gf was in the wrong place at the wrong time…lucky for you! Hahaha We have some more GF Revenge pictures for you and this girlfriend is one nasty babe. She has a big ass and milky white skin. Oh and did I mention that she sucks cock like an absolute pro? Had she not cheated on her boyfriend we probably would have never seen these pics. Thank you for being a slut. LOL

GF Revenge Free Videos of Big Tit Girlfriend

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Are you in the need for some big tits? Well, this amateur girlfriend is featured in an amazing GF Revenge Free Video that we found on the internet. She is having sex with her boyfriend and fingering her pussy in this hot amateur video. It was submitted to us by her exboyfriend because she cheated on him. We were happy to get it! This is how to get revenge on your ex the best!

Bad Girls Club Erica Langston Topless


We have one more sexy surprise for you today…it’s more hot photos of Bad Girls Club Erica Langston! She has the best body ever and her nipples are perfect for licking and kissing. I love all the bad girls on the TV show and they all can get fucked for sure and posted on GF Revenge. These Bad GFs will never learn will they! What would you do if Erica Langston or some famous girlfriend sent you naked pictures? You’d share them with the world I hope!