How to get revenge on an Ex

gf revenge ideas

There are many random ways that you can get even with an ex girlfriend that cheated on you. I can think of about 5 really good ways off the top of my head. Here are the ways:

1) Go out on a date with her friend.
2) Tell her parents all the bad things she has done.
3) Pop her tires and key her car.
4) Tell her that you cheated to and you don’t give a shit!
5) Submit naked pictures and videos of her having sex to get revenge on her!

I for one think that submitting nude sex videos of her is the best way ever to get your true revenge! Just like this nasty exgf here!

How to get even with an Ex

how to get revenge

There are many ways one can go about attempting to get even with an ex girlfriend. This is just my favorite method! Submit her naked pictures to websites like GF Revenge and BadGF! This is the best way to break her little heart. Ex girlfriends will never cheat after beign subject to shit like this. LOL Maybe next time they won’t go around sucking other dicks and having sex with other guys. Revenge is the best feeling in the world!