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This girlfriend revenge video is fucking amazing. It was submitted to us by some guy who found out his girlfriend was cheating. She is what I like to call a flasher and public sex lover. The girl got busted flashing her tits at the bank. She was also caught fucking her boyfriend on the side of the road in his car. Good think he had a fucking camera with him! LOL GFRevenge is so damn sweet and next time she won’t cheat like most of the bitches out there! Hahaha

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Okay, so I have something for blonde girls. They just seem so innocent and cute to me. LOL This is one of our latest gf revenge submissions and she is certainly a bad girlfriend for cheating on her boyfriend. When she was at a party in college she fucked some guy in a frat house. Her boyfriend found out and this video has leaked as a result of this mayhem. We were so fucking happy to be able to watch this sexy girlfriend getting her ass fucked has hard as can be. She is a nasty girl and since she cheated she deserves to be exploited! What goes around comes around sweetie! Hahaha

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