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You know those pictures bad girls take of themselves and their girlfriends they’ll never show you? Well, sometimes girls get mad at each other, and we get to see what those hotties are up to behind closed doors. Like trying on lingerie together, or out sunbathing in the back yard where they are unseen. Or how about that video she recorded of a threesome with her girlfriend? Well, keep looking through these leaked pictures and videos, they are all here. Hey, maybe there are some girls you know here; keep your eyes open. You never know what your cheerleader captain was up to in the showers…

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The sexy blonde Blake Lively nude from gossip girl is in the news again with some crazy sexy photos taken from her iphone. Haha! This celebrity has just been put on my top 10 list for wanting to fuck now that she is a really naughty girl. I love it when celebrities do crazy things like this! It makes me want to take pictures of my exgf and send them in for revenge! She’s one bad girlfriend for sure! TMZ must be very happy about this picture leak.

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This girlfriend revenge video is fucking amazing. It was submitted to us by some guy who found out his girlfriend was cheating. She is what I like to call a flasher and public sex lover. The girl got busted flashing her tits at the bank. She was also caught fucking her boyfriend on the side of the road in his car. Good think he had a fucking camera with him! LOL GFRevenge is so damn sweet and next time she won’t cheat like most of the bitches out there! Hahaha

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It’s Tuesday and it’s also the first of the month so we are here to start February off right with some nice amateur big tit pictures for you of a sexy bad girlfriend! This horny busty brunette is in a ton of pictures that were recently submitted by her exboyfriend to conclude the revenge on ex that he desired! This sexy GF Revenge babe is even fingering her pussy and getting titty fucked in the pictures. I must say they are simply stunning and what an amazing way to start the month off right! I love cheating real ex girlfriends that take naked pictures!

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This blond was a terrible girlfriend! I mean really bad! One of the worst bad girlfriend stories we have ever heard. She actually got caught fucking three guys in her bathtub and we have the photos to prove it! Her ex wanted to get the revenge he was entitled to show he sent us the gfrevenge photos. This amateur slut had it coming to her. She wanted a bunch of dicks at once and she got what she wanted! In return we get to spread the pics all over the internet for everyone to see! Hahaha payback is a bitch girls!