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This is one sexy cheerleader who loves to fuck and film herself having sex with her boyfriend. She made a bunch of amateur sex videos that were exploited all over the college that she goes to. Once she cheated on her boyfriend he sent the videos to all his friends. It got to the point where the whole school had pretty much seen the videos. This boyfriend wanted to get gf revenge and I must say he did a fucking great job of it! Thank you for sending it to us so we can share it with the rest of the world!

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I love naked girlfriends. In fact I love seeing them together naked and having fun. These girlfriends were all hanging out and getting ready for a crazy night on the town but it seems as though the craziness started before they were even ready. The girls were running around naked and getting crazy. One thing led to another and they were licking each others pussies and tits. One of the boyfriends actually filmed the whole thing. These bad girlfriends are now addicted to licking pussy. I can’t say that I blame them! We now have the gf revenge video of them doing these nasty acts! Fucking epic!

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Some more sexy photos turned up of Erica Langston Nude and we have tons more to share for you. These photos are the real deal and you won’t find them anywhere else but GF Revenge and we know this for sure! Once these babes from Bad Girls Club get crazy and start getting drunk they always take sexy selfshot photos and sending them guys they hook up with. These girls are nasty and Erica Langston is one sexy bad girl!

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This girlfriend is one mean gf for sure! You’ll never guess what she did to her man. These pictures are of her having sex with some other guy at her apartment. She took selfshot sex photos to send to her boyfriend while he was away on vacation because he didn’t invite her to go with him! How fuck’d up is that! So he wanted to get gf revenge on her so he submitted the pictures to us and we posted these slutty pics all over the fucking internet! This was an epic win for the boyfriend who now has a new gf and made some cash too! Revenge feels so damn good!

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I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Bad Girls Club and some of the crazy girls on that tv show but it seems like the reality show on Oxygen has had a little controversy the last couple days. Naked photos of one of the bad girls has shown up all and we have the gf revenge pictures to prove it! We hacked Erica’s cell phone and have all her naked and sexy pics. This girl is super sexy and crazy hot. It must be so hard to keep a bad gf like Erica in line. She is always cheating on her boyfriends I bet and doing sex related things and you know what? We fucking love it. So here’s to the rest of the Bad Girls Club and Erica Langston thank you for being such a bad girl…you’ve officially been exposed to the internet!

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Check this hottie out here! This is one of our latest user submitted girlfriend pictures. She was hanging out with her boyfriend at the time and decided to spice up a study night with some sexy photography. Her tits are nice and perky and she has nipples ready for sucking. She is far from a good girlfriend though. In fact, she is a very bad girlfriend and was caught cheating 3 times with her boyfriends best friend even! He wanted to get gf revenge so he sent in her amateur pictures. There are tons of college girls out there and teens that love taking naked pictures and making homemade porn. This is the stuff we try to get our hands on. We will even pay you for the pictures and videos! So man up and get your revenge today people!

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Okay, so I have something for blonde girls. They just seem so innocent and cute to me. LOL This is one of our latest gf revenge submissions and she is certainly a bad girlfriend for cheating on her boyfriend. When she was at a party in college she fucked some guy in a frat house. Her boyfriend found out and this video has leaked as a result of this mayhem. We were so fucking happy to be able to watch this sexy girlfriend getting her ass fucked has hard as can be. She is a nasty girl and since she cheated she deserves to be exploited! What goes around comes around sweetie! Hahaha

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